After a challenging year, I decided to end my season earlier than I had initially planned.  As an athlete things rarely go to plan and changes are continually made.  Down time was much needed, giving my body and mind a break from the meticulous training routine over the past year.  A month off was exactly what I needed.  it’s very easy to get intense with training and even a little down or negative when things don’t go to plan but time off really does make you realise how quickly you miss the sport! 

I spent two weeks on holiday in Orlando, Florida.  As a kid I had visited Disney a few times but had always been a little too young to go to Universal Studios, so this time around I visited both!  It really was amazing and I loved every minute of it.  Heights definitely aren’t my forte but I sucked it up and made the most of the experience, going on absolutely every ride, which even shocked me!  I didn’t really have a chance to even think about training as we were out walking around the parks for hours on end.  With eight parks to visit, there were a lot of attractions to see.  It really was non-stop!

Returning home, I am extremely glad to be starting back training this week.  Running is the sport I love and so there definitely isn’t a lack of motivation to get into hard training again! 

The winter period is unquestionably the hardest quarter of the year.  Training is of a very high volume but it’s a great feeling to know you are at your strongest and fittest.  Once again, I will be returning to Kenya for two separate spells over the winter period – November and January.  Kenya is the ideal setting for the hard work.  Mile after mile of dusty, scenic roads and hundreds of other world class athletes tread the same paths.  It’s an endurance athletes dream. 

The beginning of 2015, I will be aiming to run some indoors.  Unfortunately, I missed the majority of the winter season last year due to illness so I am hoping for some better fortunes this time around.  The next two years are crucially important for me.  With the World Championships in Bejing and the Rio Olympics in 2016, there really is no time to rest on my laurels.  Focus is firmly set on these two championships and my determination has gone into overdrive.  It’s easy to stay motivated when I have such major goals set out.  I already have little notes around my bedroom with the target times I want to hit.  I now need to go out and find a Rio 2016 poster as my London 2012 and Glasgow 2014 ones have by all odds served me well! 

Eilish x

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